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Hi!  Welcome to my art studio, my little haven of happiness! I'm Nikita Thakur, mixed media artist. I live in Mumbai, India.

I paint in my home studio, where you can find me experimenting, mixing paint concoctions, painting, that- if you can find me under my mountain of paint supplies. 

Art challenges me to be authentic to my wild, rebellious, imperfect self. My process takes me on freeing adventures with abstraction until I arrive at a compelling visual story.

My process is intuitive. I paint in layers with mixed media, including acrylics, pastels, charcoal, collage, on canvas, wood panel, and paper. I enjoy using unconventional tools, squeegees, sponges or even a tennis ball! 

My paintings may not represent anything tangible. They represent the one thing we all know so well- that's our raw humanness. The part of ourself that exists in all of us in our imperfections, randomness, duality, our hidden parts of self, our shadow self when we remove all the external layers.

I love travelling to places rich in nature which rejuvenates my soul and inspires me to paint.  
I’m drawn to a variety of textures inspired by nature. Visually I find inspiration in the mundane- randomly lying objects, corroded surfaces, juxtaposition of contrasting visuals.

Current Online exhibitions

Rocky Terrain on and Artsy exhibition 'Art in the time of Corona'

Pages of History on Visionary Art Collective exhibition 'Splash , Drip , Throw'

Green Green Grass won third place on ArtistTable exhibition 'All means All'

Rolling with the ball on Art Fluent exhibition 'True Blue'

Green Green Grass & Metamorphic on Grey Cube Gallery exhibition 'Abstract art current show'

Nikita Thakur

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